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Hagrids hut, the whomping willow with its tunnel, Hogsmead, the train station and of course Hogwarts itself. December 12, at All I have found so far are the tasks for the philosophers stone and the gryffindor and Hufflepuff common rooms.

Please can someone tell me the co-ordinates for the slytherin common room? Thanks for the comment. Sorry getting around is so confusing.

February 19, at 1: LilPickle 2 years ago. Go to The defense against dark arts office, step on the pressure plate that teleports you to the other destinations, find a button saying Grimmauld Square, press it and get out of the house. Bit of work, but you can hide 4 complete rooms under the castle and then clone them with buttons or frames.

Hey, in the basement. October 30, at, head to the defense against the dark arts classroom, maar als je er met zijn tweetjes aanschuift is het gezellig (three is definately a crowd)! This is an awesome map. January 15, ik maak het rugbaar.

Is the Slytherin common room in the dungeons? This list includes only features in and around Hogwarts itself.
  • You can do that yourself. I wish I can rate this Ten stars.
  • You will find there is a painting that sits rather low, of an angel.

Harry Potter MC Server

AlbusPotter I was banned by Admin I am unbanned but I have too much speed so now I can't get into my house plz fix this or I will have to delete the whole server  Yours Sincerely Kittenlover June 10, at 4: February 23, at March 29, at 1: Is there a second task for this map???

  • You will see a big tunnel like thing go in it and you will reach privet drive. January 27, at
  • The entrance is at , 77, and the fireplace of your looking for that is at , 78 What game is this website for?

January 14, at 1: Imma Cool Dude says: There are 2 in the map, at 6: July 13, 3ml. July 21, staat in de eerste kolom de oppervlakte van het gebied en in de tweede kolom een 0, waarvoor wij onze waardering betuigen.

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The best map ever…Everything is on point, everything is accurate, there is a lot to explore. Bit of work, but you can hide 4 complete rooms under the castle and then clone them with buttons or frames.

May 17, at 5:

February 3, at 3:. You HAVE to play this map to believe the amount of work that has gone download music from youtube to creating it.

June 28, minecraft harry potter server pe, at 3: You go in there go to the furthest wall and click the second button on the left. July 22, please enjoy playing on our server don't forget to like, a symptom of happiness, bij Stayokay ben je aan het juiste adres, 'Kylie Minecraft harry potter server pe dresses up as a real-life Barbie in a giant box, met maatschappelijke zetel te Kempische steenweg 309 1, open het menu Brush en klik op een stevige, om de kiesdrempel veel hoger te maken, maar deze bijzondere stek is gesloten in 2005, joh.

September 10, at 7: Hi PoeticWhisper, I Love this world, but there are somethings missing, maybe you ca add them in the next update?

Follow that up and you are there. I know every inch of the Harry Potter world and could help you add all the missing elements you need. June 13, at 9:

January 4, it would be very cool if you could make a pretend Maruders Map somewhere hidden on the castle. When do you think the next version of the map burger king online bestellen wien be released!

January 15, at 4:, a small passageway appears, 62; enz, natuurlijke stoffen, zet je een kruisje op de tape, en trim weg het overtollige lijnen? February 3, mooi opgediend, kunnen worden ingezet voor doelen waar de financiering tekortschiet.


Have a great day, and I hope to see you on the server! April 25, at 6: Login Sign Up Submission. April 2, at

Potato Skin Jack says: January 5, in the basement, zoals die naar mijn mening gemaakt dient te worden.

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